Double your income with Freelance Writers Den 2X Income Accelerator
Freelance Writers Den 2X Income Accelerator

Level-Up Your Writing Career With Coaching!

Freelance Writers Den 2X




Is your freelance career stuck in low gear?

Maybe you’re earning $20,000 — but really need to earn $40,000. Or you’ve made it to $50,000 a year, but your goal is to hit six figures.  

It’s like there’s a turnoff you missed somewhere, on the highway to freelance success. If this is you, don’t worry — every top writer once was right where you are now.  

Yes, there is a ton of opportunity out there — for those who know where to look. But it takes a lot of support to move you up. Work with me for just six months, and we'll follow a proven, step-by-step program to double your income.

Introducing Den 2X Income Accelerator...

...a 6 month, small-group mastermind with 1-on-1 coaching and my exclusive Road Map program. Den 2X guides and supports you through a series of simple steps designed to double your income within 1 year.  

This program offers extensive personalized feedback -- far beyond the forum access I offer to my basic Freelance Writers Den members. Check out how the two programs compare below.

I anticipate running another Den 2X class in 2020 -- apply now for access to fee discounts and priority seating in this small-group program.

A Comparison: Freelance Writers Den VS. Den 2X 

Basic Den Membership $25/month

Den 2X Membership 

  • End confusion and avoid scams in our 1,000-member community
  • Your freelance questions answered fast in our 24/7 forums
  • Learn rates, marketing, high-paid writing types and more
  • Get found by employers on our job board
  • Connect with pros in live, online events  
  • 6 Monthly, 90-minute small-group masterminds with peers + Carol 
  • Two 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Carol at 1 and 6 months
  • Slack mastermind chat 24/7 for support and answers
  • Exclusive, focused Road Map program for doubling your income, with new learning materials released each month, including 5 bonus e-books
  • The concrete tools and systems you need to transform your business and your income
  • Your access to program materials won't expire
  • Access the Den 2X Grads group at the end of your mastermind, for ongoing peer support and monhly group 'Office Hours' coaching

Ready to double your income?


Interested? Apply and get free group coaching!

Think you're a fit for Den 2X? 

Apply now, and we'll get back to you within 48 hours about your eligibility. I often offerr my approved applicants free group coaching and other goodies, while you wait for the next 2X class to start in 2020.

Why do most writers earn peanuts?

Writers are good at...writing, naturally! But there’s often a big knowledge gap when it comes to building a profitable writing business. Den 2X fills in the blanks, guiding you to analyze where you’re at now — and helping you formulate a concrete, actionable plan to move up.

A road-tested program...

With 2+ years of experience running Den 2X, this program is now a highly focused, 6-month intensive. Each month, you'll move on to a new piece of the Road Map and overcome more obstacles to achieving your income goals. At the end, you'll retain lifetime access to the Den 2X materials and join our ongoing Grads group for support.  

Meet your coach: Carol Tice

Hi — I’m Carol Tice, a six-figure freelance writer and author of the award-winning Make a Living Writing blog. I’m proud of the 7-year track record I’ve built coaching other writers on how to earn more.  

I’ve been a freelance writer for 18 years, and have earned a full-time living from writing since 1995. I cracked six figures in 2011. My freelance clients have included Costco, American Express, Lending Tree, Alaska Airlines Magazine, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Nation’s Restaurant News, Seattle Magazine, and many more.

Carol Tice
Jennifer Koebele

I’ve gone from earning $1,200 a month to billing $5,000 a month!

"In my first 6 months in Den 2X, I gained the confidence to get rid of low-paying clients. Using the program, I was able to be proactive and find better-paying clients – I wasn’t just sitting and waiting. Working the Road Map’s “low hanging-fruit” section, I contacted a company I worked for in the past, and now I’m working steadily for them. I also up-sold another client a white paper. I’ve gone from earning $1,200 a month to billing $5,000 a month the past three months!” —Jennifer Koebele


Here's What You Get in Den 2X, Month-by-Month: 

  • Month 1: Begin Where You Are. Group members get acquainted with each other and the 2X resources. Then, we begin analyzing why earnings are low and mapping your best steps forward. Our 'Mindset Reset' helps you lose counterproductive beliefs and set positive intentions. FREE EBOOK: Fear Not 
  • Month 2: Inbound Funnel. You'll get guidance to create or strengthen your writer website and LinkedIn profile, so they're engineered to bring you top prospects. FREE EBOOK: Start Here 
  • Month 3: Easy Pickin's. How many clients are just waiting for your services? You'll find out with our easy, effective, first marketing techniques. At month-end, you're ready for your first 1-on-1 with Carol. FREE EBOOK: 13 Ways to Get the Writing Done Faster 
  • Month 4: Marketing With Intent. We'll move into more active marketing with a mind-blowing 'Ideal Client' exercise that ensures you're moving in the right direction. FREE EBOOK: Get Great Freelance Clients 
  • Month 5: Plan for Success. Now that you've tried out some marketing tactics, we'll focus in on your best approaches to create and execute on your focused marketing plan. FREE EBOOK: Freelance Business Bootcamp 
  • Month 6: Let's Optimize. Learn how to refine your marketing to make generating business streamlined, efficient, and effective. You'll also get your second 1-on-1 coaching session, and at month's end, 'graduate' into our free Grads group for continued networking.

You also get:

  • Recordings of all live Den 2X events -- listen & learn at your leisure! 
  • All Road Map materials are downloadable and your access won't expire 
  • 5 Complimentary E-Books to supplement your learning 
  • An intimate peer learning and support community with 25-50 members 
  • The chance to build a robust referral and support network with other mid-career writing peers 
  • The confidence to grow your income and meet your goals 
  • All the benefits of regular Freelance Writers Den membership -- forums, live and previously recorded bootcamps, the works

What Den 2X members said after just 60 days:

Den 2X Success Story: Cynthia Kenworthy

Learn how Cynthia multiplied her income as a Den 2X student!

Why 1-on-1 coaching alone doesn't work

In nearly a decade mentoring writers, I’ve learned 1-on-1 coaching often isn't effective by itself. Gurus charge thousands for just a few hours' time, and many students don’t see big results. I hate that!  

With 1-on-1, your mentor is at a different career stage than you are. Their earnings seem unachievable. And it’s lonely, trying to ramp your business all by yourself.  

That’s why Den 2X Income Accelerator combines small-group support with advanced training and 1-on-1 coaching time. This is my proven Den 2X formula for skyrocketing your writing income. AND, instead of paying $10,000-$15,000 like most masterminds require (up front!), this program is about one-tenth of that cost -- an insane value considering how much more you'll earn with this support and training. (Want to know your price? Email us at - we have 2 levels in this program now... it's a bit complicated. But happy to fill you in! FYI, the price of this coaching program does tend to increase over time -- so if you need this, recommend hopping in now!)

Is Den 2X right for you?

Den 2X income accelerator is a mastermind for motivated, working freelance writers who're ready to do what it takes to earn more.

If you're frozen in fear, Den 2X can't help you. This is an active program, where you'll build and execute on a concrete growth plan.  

You should have at least one full year of freelance experience, and have earned at least $20,000 from freelance writing in the previous calendar year OR be projecting $20K of income for this year, based on your most recent quarter.

Why do we exclude brand-new freelance writers from Den 2X? The coursework we’ll follow here won’t be relevant or helpful if you’re just starting out. I recommend newbies join Freelance Writers Den as a basic member -- our archive full of get-started trainings will get you launched.

Teresa Bitler

Earned Over 2X—In Just Six Months!

"Den 2X made me get serious about accounting — I analyzed what I actually earned last year, and started tracking what I’m earning now. With help from the program, I put together a marketing plan and set goals. Then, it was just a matter of targeting and reaching out to prospects — including one who said, “I’ve never been asked! I could really use help with our visitors’ guide and our blog.” The pay has been great! I’ve more than doubled my monthly billings.” —Teresa Bitler 

Ready to double your income?

Imagine the lifestyle you'd lead if you earned twice as much money as you do right now. No, really—take a minute, close your eyes, and envision it. Would you like to get there in the coming year? If so, let me help you make it happen.

The Den 2X Guarantee


Joining Den 2X is truly risk-free!  

If you participate in all your masterminds, do all the monthly assignments and STILL don't double your income within 12 months -- I'll refund your entire program investment.  

This is a proven program where students who do the work get results, so I've got no problem offering you this guarantee.